Thursday, 23 June 2011

Say My Name

                                      SAY MY NAME
Say my name
In soft monotones
Each syllable, a symbol of your rapturous yearning
Linger on the sweetness,
Savour the softness of the embodiment of me

Whisper to me your dreams
In the complete trust of a true friend
Let me harness them to fruition
Incubate the seeds to fruit

Say my name
Be ensnared,
By the mystique of my fiery calm
Tearing down the icy façade
Erected by times tender torture

Unlearn pain,
Unlock the hearth of your emotions
With my key of serenity
That I may discover sweetness
Entombed in eons of fear

Speak my name,
Watch mystery dissolve in flames of awakening
Navigate uncharted waters of affection
And become what you yearn

Envelop me in forever’s embrace
Watch us smoulder in completion
Steady, resolute like the Iroko
In the face of a storm

Say my name
With the pleasure of beans puree
Wrapped in moin-moin leaves,
I melt in your embrace as
Your drown in the depth of my eyes

Say my name
In violent currents,
Each staccato syllable,
A testimony of passion’s triumph

Lose yourself in fantasy’s zenith
That I alone may find you

Say my name….
Over and over                                                                                     



  1. Wow, this is very fiery and passionate, more of this my friend biko

  2. 'and become what you yearn' awesome. feel free to visit my blog-