Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Long Wait...

Has anyone ever been to that kind of sombre spot where you want badly to do something;( in this case write) yet you're afraid of the words that may unfold and the import of these words on others and maybe on you?
Like I am afraid of the truth in the words begging release from my overwrought mind via a talkative keyboard; what this truth holds for me, for others.
Ever wondered why at some point, you can't get out of this rut? At the same time you want so much to overcome and possibly outgrow this phase?  
I'm there, right now!
Whatever this thing is called, I've got it BAD!
I'm waiting... for release, for the right words, the right time (is there such a thing?). When it comes, I'll be at the right place- in front of my keyboard, fingers poised to strike nonstop till this drag is purged from my system! IQ

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