Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My mind is peopled by Memories


My mind is peopled by memories
Of fading intentions and tame resolves
Of dark cravings and vagabond thoughts
Glimpses of a time spent and sorely missed
Vanity takes flight at reality’s cold embrace

My memory is peopled by shadows
Lurking behind each unwritten verse
Beneath every unsung melody
An incessant weighing down
Of broken monodies and unlived dreams

My memory is peopled by a story
Itching to be told
Scratch a little
And watch words ignite rage
As tales weave a bonfire of revelations

My memory is
A ripe boil begging release
Through each word
Prick a little and watch puss ooze

A song in various crescendos
Finding harmony in life's discord
These are the many faces of my past

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