Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Stare (Ibrahim Ganiyu)

Happy New Year Friends!
It's a new Year and for many its also a new beginning. Here's a toast to all my friends and blogging family that this new year holds many blissful beginnings for you all!
So, as 2013 kicks in, I thought it would be nice to make a little room for a guest writer to drop a few lines for us.
I hear Misery likes company; well forgive me, this time around, its madness (my own special brand at least) likes company.
Here's a little dose of small crase from my friend, Ibrahim Ganiyu.

I felt it as soon as I stepped into the chilly banking hall.
That feeling that someone is checking you out. A psychic connection too pervading to ignore. The constant pulling at your head to turn and seek out the eyes calling your name without words. 
I could feel the double drills through the side of my head even as I fought the urge to turn and look. I caught a glimpse of her through the corner of my eye.
Slowly, I peeled my eyes away, forcing myself to face the front as I awaited my turn on the cash queue. She couldn't be staring at me. Could she?
The urge returned.
Pretending a nonchalant glance around the hall, I turned my head to see the source of the endless piercing. I caught her eyes then. She didn't turn away. She didn't even blink. She just stood there, staring at me. Round face with slight angles at the chin, a nose reminiscent of hausa/fulani ancestry, wine-red glossy lips seemingly made for kissing. Lips that kept most of the sun hidden in her gap-toothed smile. Hair pulled back with few careless bangs scattered neatly across her forehead coyly concealing her eyebrows.
Her eyes. Those smiling sexy eyes. A tinge of blue unseen in these parts, nested in smooth brown skin. I couldn't look away. It would soon be my turn. 
She didn't blink. She just kept up that smile…and the stare.
I turned from her spell, broken by the call of the cashier. Yet as I filled out my deposit slip, I felt those eyes stripping me. I wrote and crossed out a number. 

As I turned to walk out of the hall, my business concluded, I saw her.
Now she was really staring. Longing. Inviting. I could hear her call. Her eyes said it all. It’s almost like she wished to come to me. To reach out for me. To step out of the Ecobank savings account rollup banner and give me the true definition of a french kiss.
I run through the metal detector doors. 
My imagination needs therapy, I know.

Ibrahim 'Sir Gai' Ganiyu


  1. can u imagine,na poster this Guy dey talk about oooooo.

  2. No be ordinary poster o! In fact, we are presently making plans to visit her people (the printers) formally!