Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back then and now

I don’t know what I did to the new yahoo mail, but somehow my mails got sorted and shown from the oldest to the most recent. 
I clicked on sent messages to look for a mail that I had sent a friend last week or so, and I happened upon mails that I sent as far back as 2001!

I began to read through them and somehow I found myself smiling at the way my thought processes ran back then. At the way I would have sounded to certain friends (who were the recipients of these mails) who are as much as a decade older than I am. They would have been my present age back then, and as I read the emails, I could not help wonder if they had smiled at my exigencies and my sometimes youthful outbursts in those days.

Some of those electronic missives made me smile; for friendships that were indeed true, for the faith and hope for a better tomorrow which I had back then.

However I was also moved to ponder on how much growth I have embraced in the last eleven years. Another year is drawing to a close now and I must say that it has been a rather eventful year; for me, for my family and even my country as a whole.

As I embrace the Christmas season, and look forward to a new year- hopefully with as many surprises and interesting events, I pray that I continue to blossom in maturity and that as I mature like fine wine, I do not lose the zeal  of my youth- at least not just yet, nor the perceptions which I have now acquired over time.
Compliments of the season!

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  1. yeah, looking back can sometimes propel you into the future. We see our future in our past. Memories are amazing, good or bad, they shape you, mould you,...create you. Nice piece.