Friday, 22 January 2016


A few days ago I awoke from the strains of a forgotten dream, with the acute knowledge that the moon would be full on my birthday. Whence this premonition came I cannot tell you, but alas, it is true, my birthday coincides with the first full moon of the year 2016!
More than this, it has birthed a few verses which I will hesitate no further to share:


chocolate cake
This bright night                   
a perfect orb                         
smiles upon earth                      
as birth anniversary                            
six squares.                               

In two toned radiance
she depicts dreams
of flitting images across
her surface,
of smiles and proud pats
on my back;
three dozen strong.

Quivering with life-filled
radiations from yonder,
her energy throbs
touch me through
picture perfect cracks
between coconut palms.

Each breath I take this new year,
 a nibble of her pulse.
each volition cast in life’s ocean as
I brave another epoch,
 assured a rewarding catch
her halo, abundance.

This full moon, I erupt in
three dozen decibels of rejoicing.
my steps on this breaking day
are multiples of three and six.
the perfect number for this

moonchild; maid in full bloom.

Full Moon