Thursday, 2 April 2015

Of passings...

Two passings in two weeks; it doesn't get any easier to accept. 

All the faith and the understanding that life on earth is but a stopover, doesn't quite prepare one for these things. It doesn't stop me from imagining; sometimes feeling the pain of my friends at their spouse’s exit. It is no easier with the fifty-something year old father of four than it is with the thirty-something year old mother of none.

The fact that I have held a dead body in close proximity before doesn’t make me more immune to the goose-flesh inducing news that days after an auto crash, then surgery to correct severe head injuries and a ruptured liver, my beautiful friend is no more to be referred to as Ifeoma, but simply; the body.

Thoughts of passing from this realm to the next…

May you awaken light; unburdened by earthly cares, and eager to fly. May your spirit know joy as you glide home on angels wings! 

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  1. I always pray that the passing of someone loved will make it easier to say goodbye to the next, but it does not.