Monday, 5 January 2015

Finding Love Again - A Review

I'm starting the year with some romance. Ominous, you think? Well, hopefully in a good way. Enjoy. And, Happy New Year friends!

Finding love again by Cioma Iwunze-Ibiam
Finding Love Again
113 PAGES.
Published by : ANKARA PRESS, 2013

Finding Love Again is one of the books in Cassava Republic’s Ankara Press Romance Series. 
The opening scene of the book is as captivating as it is heart breaking; a young bride is alone at the altar after her groom elopes with her maid of dishonor. From the opening sequence we are at once gripped with compassion for our heroine; Kambi, as we hope that this storms passes soon for her.
This radio presenter and blogger who moonlights as a performance poet(this part got me interested), is young beautiful and confident, she is every girl’s babe, and the girl any right thinking man would want to take home to meet Mama. And this is exactly what Beba, our hunk of a love interest decides to do when after years apart, the two of them run into each other again, on the picturesque Obudu mountain resort.

One snag though. They are to be a pretend couple, just long enough for his father to give him hints to find his birth mother; this is a promise that can only be kept when our mixed race hunk brings home a fiancé.
We are told that the Author is a hopeless romantic; this is evident in many passages which virtually drip with romance.  ‘…“When he kisses me, my spirit soars, my heart waltzes in my chest and my breathing pauses. I become a goddess.” She stopped, opened her eyes. Was she being too open about her emotions, she wondered. …’
And here’s another: ‘… Beba had never looked into a woman’s eyes like this before. He felt at once that he should preserve the moment; put it on pause with a remote control. His heart pounded against his chest as he reached out and touched her jaw. Kambi’s eyes closed instinctively. He leaned over, brushed his lips against hers. She sighed,…’

Passions jumps at you from the pages; our hero and heroine are on fire for one another. It is so hot that you can almost feel the heat melt the clothes off their backs, but if you had looked forward to some moan provoking, toe cringing, steamy sex, sorry; Kambi is a girl bent on protecting her virtue, and Beba is ready to stop when she says No! Where did they find this type of man, mbok?
In the tradition of your typical romance fiction, our lovebirds get thrown apart when the passion is at its hottest, and we find our heroine struggling to cope with her radio show and her blog. Our hero faces some tough luck in his search for his Caucasian birth mother, and he pines for the love who he never told his true feelings on account of their sham engagement.

This reviewer wished however that some angles were better explored in the book. Such as the search for Beba’s mother, Kambi’s strained relationship with her mother, etc. and I wondered why our hero always danced the moonwalk!

Bibi Bakare of Cassava Republic did say at a book festival in 2013, that this was a new wave of young writers who were telling the stories of men who would not necessarily fit the stereotype. This is very true for the hero in Finding Love Again. None of the chauvinism and offensive machismo for Beba; he is all muscles, charm and respect. And our heroine is quite the independent woman too, who manages to complete her poetry collection and fall in love at the same time.

Despite a few editing errors, It is a captivating read; I kept clicking till I read the last word! I’m sure if/when they decide to go into print, it will be a page turner till the end.
The Publishers claim they bring a different kind of romance, I'd say; buy one or all of the six books in the series and find out.

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