Monday, 2 June 2014

Toast to Maya

Reading about her passing on Thursday, May 29, 2014 was somewhat heavy for me.The news brought an unexpected pain.
 Somehow, I scouted the internet in search of news to the contrary. I failed.
I remembered the last tweet I read from her earlier in the week; 'Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God'. I wondered; could she have sensed it then?

I recollected reading a Facebook update from her, an update where she informed us that she had missed a special event organised in her honour, based on her doctor's advice.

But after it all, I sent prayers for her swift passage to the next realm. And at Pentecost, what a time to pass!  

The next day I was able to write this small tribute to a woman I loved and admired. for her intelligence, her wit, her strength and her pride. Journey well Maya!

She knew Why the caged bird sings

She knew why the caged bird sings...
And in her words I found reason, rationale to be true to self and craft.

She wrote heartfelt poetry and told stories with a passion and honesty that shamed even the darkest of circumstances. 

She belonged nowhere and yet belonged everywhere.

Her writings illuminated the assertion that when a person shines, she gives glory to her Maker and inadvertently gives others the nudge and room to shine too.

Thank you Maya Angelou! 

Poet, storyteller, dancer, singer... Your words gave this bird wings to take flight. Your stories gave hope; they give hope still.

Sing on soul sister! 

Sing on in lighter realms. 

To joyful activity may you awaken, Amen!

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