Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Receiving the baton

I’m it!

Yes, I’m it. I’m in. I’m in for it!

Nothing sinister; just a very novel idea (for me at least), to participate in the writing process blog tour.
My dear friend Obinna Udenwe has handed the baton to me this week, after he took over from Trisha Nicholson.

I am part excited, part nervous about this. But I'll survive.
The most interesting parts for me are the indecision as to which three writers to hand over to next Monday, and the questions about my writing process, which I have to answer.
My responses will be live here next Monday.

As a relay goes, I also get to handover to three bloggers. Watch this space to know just who and whom I hand over to.

Meanwhile; read what makes Obinna’s writing process unique on his blog; HERE
Photo credits: simondenman.com

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