Good morning.

I love poetry.

And not just because I write it, but because well-written poetry can do so much with so little. They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ I say ‘one well-crafted piece is worth a million pictures’.

Bias? Possibly. But you check this out:

Loneliness knows my name
She calls (again) now
With the familiarity
Of a decade’s cold embrace
We sup on tears
In this cocktail of
Diverse wrong turns
And missed chances
Digging hope,
unearthing emptiness
The unending torture of
This soon to close cycle
Yet my name knows loneliness
What do you think?
Without further ado, peep the debut of author, performing artist, writer and friend Iquo DianaAbasi Eke (she wrote the above piece too!); Symphony Of Becoming – A Collection of Lines (that’s what I choose to call it) now available at a bookshop near you.

Diana Eke presents - NOW AVAILABLE!
Diana Eke presents – NOW AVAILABLE!

Coming soon to Amazon, Kindle, iTunes and wherever books are sold. I suggest you do yourself and your collection a world of good – and add this to your literary (and even real) life.